Residential Tenancy Videos


Kendra Milne, Lawyer with CLAS, discusses the legistation, issues and responsbilities that people face when renting to a tenant or from a landlord in BC.


Tenant Resource & Advisory Centre

Martha Lewis, Executive Director, provides an overview of the free services and resources TRAC offers to the public: telephone infoline, website, multilingual publications and videos, and public legal education presentations and workshops.

Part 1 - TRAC Overview
Part 2 - TRAC Overview (continued)

BC Apartment Owners and Managers Association

Marg Gordon, Executive Director, provides a brief introduction to the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords under the Residential Tenancy Act in BC, as well as the benefits of becoming a member of BCAOMA.

Part 1 - Introduction and Overview of BCAOMA

Part 2 - Ethical Rental Practices

Part 3 - Tenancy Agreements

Part 4 - Condition Inspection Reports

Part 5 - Condition Inspection Reports (continued)

Part 6 - Payment of Rent

Part 7 - Ending a Tenancy