Residential Tenancy

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Look through our Residential Tenancy Directory using Google Maps to find service organizations in your area that speak your language.

Fact Sheets

Search a wide range of plain-language, multi-lingual Immigrant PLEI Consortium fact sheets about Residential Tenancy. Learn the 5 key steps to protect yourself as a tenant (in 13 different languages) or landlord (in 6 different languages).  Discover "What Every Renter Needs to Know" and find links to Residential Tenancy Branch multi-lingual factsheets.


Access the most important and commonly used Residential Tenancy Branch forms - like Tenancy Agreements, Condition Inspection Reports, Rent Increase Notices, Dispute Resolution Applications and End of Tenancy forms. Also find the Residential Tenancy Agreement translated by TRAC into Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, and Punjabi.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do if you receive an eviction notice? Are friends allowed to stay over free of charge? What is the difference between assigning and subletting a lease? Check out our FAQ section for the answers to these and other commonly asked Residential Tenancy questions.


Watch footage from Immigrant PLEI Consortium Training Workshops used to educate Settlement Workers, Immigrant PLEI Workers, bilingual/bi-cultural counselors, and other people working with immigrants.  Featured workshops include presentations by Tenant Resource & Advisory Centre, Residential Tenancy Branch, and BC Apartment Owners and Managers Association.

Online Resources

Looking for the most relevant information to solve your problem? Here you will find the most important and commonly used websites, resources and online tools relating to housing and Residential Tenancy Law.