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Family Law in BC Website
The Legal Services Society's Family Law website is an important resource for all information related to family law. Resources and self-help materials are available to help people resolve family law problems such as separation and divorce, child and spousal support, custody and adoption. Information is available in 12 languages.
This multi-lingual web resources is the online home of the Court Information Program for Immigrants - a program that provides free legal information to new immigrants and refugees. The website provides information on a variety of topics – from Criminal Law and BC Courts to Family Law and Residential Law. The website features videos, links to online resources and the popular resource Learning About the Law. All content on the website is available in English, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Punjabi, Spanish and French.
Dial-A-Law is a library of legal information available in audio and text form in English, Simplified Chinese and Punjabi. You can have the option of viewing text-based information or listening to audio recordings of the information on your computer or over the phone (604.687.4680; 1.800.565.5297). All the information is presented in a Question-and-Answer format.
Counselling BC's website features numerous helpful articles, a list of public events, and self-help links. It also features a directory of more than 370 psychologists, counsellors, and other professional therapists that can be sorted by geographic area and language. provides information on separation and divorce for children, teens, parents and professionals. Animation, text, audio and video combine to help children, teens, parents better cope with divorce or separation. The website is also available in French.

Ministry of Attorney General
The Ministry of Attorney General is responsible for managing BC's justice system. The Ministry's website has resources and information on numerous topics, including the court system, family law issues, dispute resolution and Court Services Online - which lets users view, fill out and submit court records and documents.
This website features hundreds of legal publications in nine languages. 35 topics are covered, including abuse, employment, environmental law and human rights. MultiLingoLegal is operated by MOSAIC - a settlement and integration organization for immigrants and refugees in BC.
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