Family Law Booklets

Family Law
This publication provides an overview of several areas of family law including the courts, common-law relationships, immigration issues, legal aid, violence and abuse and child protection.

Living Together or Living Apart: Common-law relationships, marriage separation, and divorce
This booklet explains the basics of family law in BC. It includes information about being married or in a marriage-like relationship, what separation and divorce mean and how to make parenting arrangements if you have children. (English and French)

Parents’ Rights, Kids’ Rights: A parent’s guide to child protection law in BC
This booklet will give you an overview of what happens when someone makes a report about your family to the ministry or a delegated Aboriginal child and family services agency. It could be a useful resource for you if you are currently dealing with the ministry, the ministry has told you they are concerned about your child’s safety or well being, you think the ministry might contact you, or you want to ask the ministry about the services they offer. This booklet is also for advocates who need more information to help their clients through the child protection process.

Learning about the Law
This booklet describes your legal rights and responsibilities. Topics include marriage rights, separation and divorce, separation agreements, parenting and child support, parenting after separation and child protection. (Vietnamese, Punjabi, French, Spanish)

Canada’s System of Justice
This booklet explains the law, where it comes from, what it is for, and how it operates. (French)