Employment Videos

West Coast Domestic Workers' Association

Deanna Okun-Nachoff, staff lawyer, offers 8 important intake strategies for employment standards cases and then walks us through an exercise featuring a hypothetical live-in caregiver named Rowena whose employers owe her unpaid wages.  Can you figure out how much compensation she's entitled to?

Part 1 - Intake Strategies for Employment Standards Cases
Part 2 - Employment Standards Discussion Scenario


IPC Animated Employment Insurance Videos (Multilingual)

This series of four animated videos provides basic information about Employment Insurance in Arabic, Farsi, Karen and Somali (English subtitles only). Topics include Getting Fired, How to Apply, Benefits and Appeals. 

What Can I Do If I Get Fired?
Outlines reasons for termination including misconduct, when to apply for Employment Insurance, the process of applying and what to expect. 
Arabic | Farsi | Karen | Somali

How Do I Apply For EI?
Outlines the application process of Employment Insurance with Service Canda, who can apply, the documents needed, and what to expect in regards to waiting periods. 
Arabic | Farsi | Karen | Somali

What Benefits Can I Get on EI?
Outlines the types of benefits available including regular benefits and special benefits such as maternity, parental, compassionate care, and sickness. Also discusses other benefits available for unique workers and the self-employed. 
Arabic | Farsi | Karen | Somali

Can I Appeal?
Outlines the different options available for those who have had their Employment Insurance application denied and where to find help including advocates and resources. 
Arabic | Farsi | Karen | Somali