Domestic Violence Videos

Family Law and Domestic Violence: Experts Panel

Sandra Wilking, the IPC Project Manager, moderates a panel of experts in the areas of family law and domestic violence. The Q & A reveals the relationship between family law, domestic violence, immigration and settlement issues, and explores some of the ways that these areas can intersect and overlap.

The members of the panel are: Judge Carol Huddart British Columbia Court of Appeal; Elizabeth Araujo, Family Justice Centre; Margaret Florczyka, counsellor, Vancouver and Lower Mainland Multicultural Family Services Society; and, Deanna Okun-Nachoff, Immigration Lawyer, McCrea & Associates.

Part 1 – Introduction and Opening Remarks: Hon. Justice Carol Huddart and Elizabeth Araujo
Part 2 – Introduction and Opening Remarks: Margaret Florczyk and Deanna Okun-Nachoff
Part 3 – Q & A
Part 4 – Q & A
Part 5 – Q & A
Part 6 – Q & A
Part 7 – Q & A

Intersection Between the Settlement Process and Domestic Violence

Shashi Assanand, Executive Director, Vancouver and Lower Mainland Multicultural Family Support Services Society, provides an overview of current Canadian demographic trends to illustrate the notion that “Canada belongs to the world.” She discusses the complex process of settlement, highlighting some of the systemic and cultural barriers that immigrant women encounter when trying to access services in Canada. She proposes that a multicultural, multi-agency model is necessary in order to understand and respond to the needs of immigrant women experiencing domestic violence in Canada.

Part 1 – Immigration and Canada: Past, Present, and Future
Part 2 – The Settlement Process Immigration Process
Part 3 – Understanding and Responding to Immigrant Women’s experiences of domestic violence