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Victim Impact Statements
A Victim Impact Statement is a description of how a crime has affected you. This may be a written statement or other form of information given to the court. provides helpful videos to learn more about Victim Impact Statements and how to prepare one.

Victim impact statements are:

  •  written by you or any family member, friend or other member of your community who has suffered mental or physical injury, emotional trauma or significant economic loss because of the crime,
  • used in sentencing if the accused is found guilty or pleads guilty,
  • useful to Crown counsel and the judge in helping them fully understand how the crime has affected you,
  • written in your own words, describing how the crime affected you and your family, and
  • an opportunity to express concern about future contact with the accused and to describe any financial loss you have suffered.

Your completed Victim Impact Statement may be given to the judge at sentencing if the accused is found or pleads guilty, and can also be used at bail and parole hearings. If you have concerns about your safety, you may set out your concerns in the statement. If at any time you need assistance with writing a Victim Impact Statement or would like more information, you may talk to your Victim Service Worker.

Victim Impact Statement Form