Access Pro Bono Society of British Columbia

On April 1, 2010 Access Justice merged operations with Pro Bono Law of BC to form the Access Pro Bono Society of BC. The new organization brings the capacity to provide more efficient and seamless pro bono legal services in meeting the ever-increasing and otherwise unmet legal needs of BC's people and non-profit organizations of limited means.

Access Pro Bono now operates 85 clinics across BC. The clinics are operated in partnership with courts and community-based organizations that donate space and, in many instances, provide support services at no cost. Their basic model is to operate clinics in two hour segments in which they book a maximum of four client interviews for one half-hour each.

The largest clinic operation is at the Vancouver Courthouse where 14 sessions are held each week. Volunteer lawyers typically donate two to four hours of their time per month at the clinics. Access Pro Bono coordinates the appointment between the lawyer and the client, and if a follow-up session is required the client calls Access Pro Bono. This ensures that the lawyer's time is used efficiently and effectively.

Access Pro Bono volunteer lawyers generally do not prepare typed legal documentation or represent clients in court. The lawyers give advice, help the client gain a winning attitude, and help take the fear out of the legal process. In 2009, 379 lawyers volunteered at their clinics and served 5,121 clients. A further 153 lawyers provided legal assistance and representation services to 405 clients through roster and duty counsel programs formerly operated by Pro Bono Law of BC.

Access Pro Bono is aided by a variety of volunteers: client call, clinic assistant, community representatives, clinic coordinators and practicum students are a few examples.

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Access Pro Bono Society of British Columbia
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